The Wave Dragon Floating Platform

Provides a Very Simple and Highly Effective Energy Production

(1)  Water overtops the ramp and flows into the reservoir (above sea level).

(2)  Gravity makes the water move towards the sea surface again.

(3)  The water is guided through the hydro turbines.

(4)  The turbines produce electricity.

Wave Dragon builds on proven technology and a surprisingly simple concept. The reservoir platform is constructed in offshore-grade reinforced concrete with a guaranteed life of 50+ years. Very little offshore inspection and maintenance is required. The stable platform ensures easy access even in rough seas.

The power plant operates autonomously, utilising AI. It is monitored and can be controlled remotely through an advanced SCADA system.

4 Key Components of the Wave Dragon Technology

The amount of energy captured by the device is increased by reflector wings mounted on either side of the reservoir, which channel the waves towards the central ramp. The device is slack-moored to allow it to turn into the principal wave direction.

Pressurised air chambers (underneath the unit) increase power production by optimising the ramp crest height in accordance with the actual sea state.

Wave Dragon use simplified Kaplan turbines

The only moving parts are the turbine generators. Kaplan hydro turbines are a well-known eco-friendly technology with 100+ years track record. Wave Dragon uses simplified Kaplan turbines with fixed inlet guide vanes and propeller blades. The generator is directly coupled to the runner. The variable speed of the generator is controlled by measuring the actual pressure head over the turbines, ensuring a constant efficiency of more than 90%. The turbines will be maintained onshore every 5 years. This planned maintenance will be done in the summer period when the wave energy is relatively low, and the full set of turbines, therefore, is not needed. This means no loss of power production due to turbine refurbishment.

The Wave Dragon platform is ideal in combination with wind turbines

The Wave Dragon platform is highly suitable as a floating foundation for wind turbines. The platform offers significant stability. The massive weight of the platform, the water in the reservoir and the pressurised air chambers ensure that the platform stays calm even in harsh weather. The device is easily accessible for maintenance.

The combined wave-wind power capacity is normally made up of 50% wave power and 50% wind power.

Wave Dragon is the only wave energy converter technology under development that can be freely scaled up.

The Wave Dragon power plant units come in 5 capacity sizes, of which some outrank today’s largest wind turbines.