World Class Renewable Energy

Floating Offshore Power Plant

Combining Wave and Wind Energy

Wave Dragon features the largest unit sizes in the offshore energy industry

Easily scalable to utility-size power plant capacity

Reliable  •  Scalable  •  Efficient

Wave Dragon is a unique and scalable technology based on proven technologies, combining hydro turbines and wind turbines, resulting in highly cost-efficient energy production. It’s a large stable platform, essentially a floating hydro power plant, offering remarkable reliability in power production and maintenance. 


The Wave Dragon platform is constructed by putting proven mature technologies together in a novel way. The concept has been rigorously tested. Wave Dragon is an overtopping device, with no moving parts, except for the turbine generators. With a very simple working principle, it is optimised for harsh ocean conditions. The large platform is a very stable carried for the wind turbines. Wave Dragon offer very high power production reliability and a continuous grid-compliant power supply.


Wave Dragon comes in 5 different unit sizes: 3 – 8 – 14 – 24 – 38 MW per unit.
The wave and wind climate at the deployment site determines which unit size is ideal to optimise energy production. With the large unit sizes, connecting multiple units easily scales Wave Dragon to utility-size power plant capacity.
In addition, Wave Dragon can be scaled and combined with other technologies; desalination, hydrogen production, seaweed production, fish farming etc.


Wave Dragon is one of the most cost-efficient offshore power plant solutions. Limited offshore maintenance, and the most costly part of the maintenance is done onshore (turbine swap-and-replace on the unit). The large stable platform facilitates easy access to the wind turbines for maintenance. Power production is highly grid-compliant. The combined wave and wind platform secures a high yield; more kWh per square meter ocean. All in all, delivering a competitive Cost of Energy.